What People Are Saying About the School Supporter App

"At Kinzie we are always looking for fundraisers. We have a great parent teacher organization. We do market days and we have candy sales. What I am always looking at is to not be intrusive on parents. It is a tough economy, we want to do something that is a benefit for the parents as well as for the school and I think Altruistic Apps is a perfect combination. It is something parents can use and need, and it saves them money and it brings funds to the school."

Marty McGreal (Principal)

"It really is so simple. The facts that all parents have to do is sign up for it and put it on our phone. And we can use it anywhere in the US to purchase items at restaurants, or buying school supplies for our kids, I just love that. The fact that I can just go up to the register with my phone, and have they scan and be able to get a discount right away? Who wouldn't want that, that is a win win, for everybody and I just love that, it is simple and it benefits my kids school."

Amanda Barlow (Parent)

"I think it is a wonderful way for retailers to give back, it is a win-win. We are gaining at the checkout and they are giving back."

Mary ann Kurley (Parent)

"I would say to the principals to promote the app! If you want money, then promote the app! Everyone needs things and whenever I am in a principal's meeting and we are all talking about how we need this or how we need that, stop talking about what you need and don't focus on the negative, but be proactive! Here is a creative way to get money for your school."

Dawn Iles (Principal)

"I was very excited when I heard about the School Supporter App because it benefits everyone, and it brings money into the school and it allows us to get materials to allow kids to reach their full potential."

Helen Budeyskaya (Teacher)

"I think if we can get all of the parents in each classroom on board, it would make a huge impact especially with the portion of the Teacher Supporter App that allows you to give directly to a child's classroom. That would make a parent feel very special."

Rebecca Frase (Teacher / Parent)

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