which are always free to the user with the goal of creating a world where everyone matters, where schools and causes have the resources they need to make a difference in their communities.

At our core, Altruistic Apps is about improving the lives of others. We raise funds for education and worthy causes through advertising partnerships with businesses interested in being socially responsible while reaching people in a respectful way. We work with businesses that care about their communities as much as they care about their bottom line. What puts the altruism in Altruistic Apps, is that 50% of all money collected from these partnerships goes directly to the schools and worthy causes that have joined the Altruistic Apps family.

Our founders have many years of experience working in education and with worthy causes. They have seen firsthand that, in order to affect real change in our own neighborhoods and across the country, we must find new and creative ways to provide schools and causes with the resources they need to succeed. Through the power of Apps, and our Altruistic ideals, we will do just that!

The School Supporter app is a completely free app for smartphone users. When opened, it will show the icons of local, regional and national businesses who have signed up to be on the smart phones of users in your community who have downloaded the app. When any of these icons are clicked, money saving offers or coupons open up that are simply shown at the point of sale.

Businesses choose schools in their community that they would like to support. They pay a fee, based on the enrollment of each school, to reach the members of that school community. 50% of the fees the businesses pay to be listed on the app will go right back to the school. This will create a reoccuring revenue stream that only grows over time as more people download the app and more businesses sign up to be on the app. It is simply a triple win for Consumers, Schools and Businesses!!!

Altruistic Apps is like no other company on the planet! With the School Supporter we plan to revolutionize the way fundraising is done in schools. No more buying or selling useless items that nobody needs or wants! No more wasted paper on coupons that everyone forgets at home anyway. Instead we created an app that is 'green' and actually saves people money while raising funds for education!

Put the School Supporter App to work for You!

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