Altruistic Apps LLC is a for profit company but not just for its profit. Altruistic Apps LLC is in the business of creating apps for smart phones, but the company is so much more than that single endeavor! We all have people that watch out for us; who think of others before themselves – Altruistic Apps is that to its core as a company. The founders have an inspiring and grounded company motto: "We are never above you, we are never below you, we are always by your side!" Meet them and learn about what matters most to them and why they think you should care! Every App is free to the user! This is achieved through advertising partnerships – with the sole intention of doing good while providing you savings & creating revenue streams! These revenue streams will help provide real funding to K-12 schools nationwide, colleges, universities, good causes or organizations trying to find cures. Altruistic Apps LLC will also help fund and partner with start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and inventors. "It's not work if you love what you do" and these guys get up every day on a mission to help others save and succeed!

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett is an entrepreneur and passionate ambassador for positive change in the world. He is a pioneer for ending bullying in schools and was invited to the first ever anti-bullying summit in Washington D.C. The Huffington Post wrote “… his Hero in the Hallway program…gives them a glimmer of hope that bullying can be prevented.” Mike served on the board of BOLD Chicago, a non-profit focused on mentoring inner city youth. Michael attended TEDx Midwest 2010 & 2011, and he was instrumental in bringing together teachers and students for the TED youth event. He’s written numerous articles for magazines, been a featured guest on radio shows nationally, is a founding partner in five different companies ranging from the creation of new product inventions, the development of educational products and the formation of inspirational motivation products. Currently Michael serves on the board of Pathways in Education that helps former high school dropouts and at risk students re-engage to earn their diploma. Michael’s most recent start-up is Altruistic Apps LLC, which raises money for schools & non-profit organizations as well providing funding for other entrepreneurs!

Tony Onagan

Tony is Altruistic Apps’ Chief Operating Officer and manages the day-to-day operations and growth of the company. His background as an architect with LEED AP ID+C credentials allows Tony to bring a unique sustainability perspective to Altruistic Apps. Tony believes that Altruistic Apps is an avenue for the sustainability of both schools and communities, and is devoted to bringing about economic development through the company’s products. His background as an architect and Vice President of Strategic Planning at a corporate real estate advisory firm has brought Tony in contact with some of the country’s largest retail brands and helped him develop a unique understanding of the fortune 1,000. He uses this expertise to build effective partnerships with caring companies that support their social responsibility initiatives while helping schools and causes succeed.

Josh Reynolds

Josh is a founder of Altruistic Apps’ and is a driving force that keeps the company on track toward its vision of a world where all schools and causes can succeed. He brings to Altruistic Apps more than 14 years of leadership experience as an owner of three school-serving companies. Prior to founding Altruistic Apps, Josh partnered with Michael Barrett to start Hero in the Hallway and The Sprit Desk, a company devoted to improving school spirit and encouraging positive behaviors from students. He is also the owner of THINK Schools, a company that works directly with individual schools to provide products that increase productivity and create a positive, safe working environment for students and teachers. This track record of working in schools has given Josh a unique understanding of the problems our education system faces, and a dedication to realizing Altruistic Apps’ potential as a solution. As a father of three girls, Josh is devoted to providing a better future not only for his own children but for all kids.

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